Artist Bio

After high school, I thought I might pursue an art major at the University of Minnesota, but after a year and four classes in the art department, I decided to switch to business and a career in commercial real estate plus raising a family kept me away from painting and drawing for a long period of time.  Throughout my business career I felt the urge to get back to art, and on occasion I took a class or workshop to stay in touch.

  Retirement offered me an opportunity to jump in with both feet and see what it is like to become an artist.  I began by taking classes on a regular basis.  Starting with the basics and evolving to an interest in landscape painting.   I had been an outdoorsman for some time, so plein air landscape painting out west and in Northern Wisconsin where I had spent a fair amount of time, was a natural and an exciting way to spend time painting.    I made several plein air painting workshop trips as part of my painting education, and many plein air studies became the basis for some of my paintings later on.  One of my instuctors told me to make as many starts as possible;  which I think is good advice.

  Watercolor painting was a difficult way to start, so I soon switched to oil and acrylic painting.  I also realized that drawing skills needed to be improved, so I have spent a fair amount of time developing and refining drawing skills which has help me to add figures to my landscape and cityscape paintings.  


I am inspired by the underlying elements that affect what I see in nature and in life.  Images and shapes that interact in some interesting way entice me to paint or sketch a scene. There are times when I sense the unusual and the spectacular, and that's when I can get spiritual, lose track of time and let the painting take on a life of its own.  I select and mix colors to enhance the unique affect that I feel, and yet attempt to stay true to the character of the setting.













  Jim painting while on a horse-pack camping trip in the Wind River Range, near Lander, Wyoming

Jim painting while on a horse-pack camping trip in the Wind River Range, near Lander, Wyoming